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Why Learn Feng Shui
In recent years, Feng Shui has been represented in a simplistic way as it gains in popularity. Master Boon believes the multi-faceted aspects of Feng Shui need to be better communicated, as it is a complex discipline and not easily presented in one simple drawing. She wishes to share this precious knowledge with those of you who wish to learn and take control over their ‘Earth Luck’.

Whatever your motivation, be it for your own sake to work on your own residence or small business, or to study Feng Shui seriously to be a practitioner, you should not compromise on finding the best Course.

Master Boon’s courses and practice follow her father's wisdom. She teaches the Yap Cheng Hai Academy Practitioner’s Course. The Yap Cheng Hai lineage is the first to fully integrate the different, and often apparently contradictory, Schools and Systems of Feng Shui. It is also the first to bring this comprehensive knowledge to the West. This wisdom is brought to you in an intensive program that is structured to deliver complex knowledge in an accelerated-learning format with a focus on practical application.

You can acquire in-depth knowledge of Classical Feng Shui not available elsewhere, and of each School and System of Feng Shui. And gain first-hand, the vital secrets and skills of effective application that truly differentiates this lineage from the rest.

On completion, you will be well placed to be a respected Practitioner with the knowledge and critical skills to benefit yourself and others.

Based on the true principles of Yi Jing Ba Gua, discover the world of ancient Feng Shui and move to a place of mastery in your life.
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