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Elementary Feng Shui Practitioner's Course
Overview | Outline - Fundamentals - External Forms - Ba Zhai - The Time Element

This accredited course is for the discerning; those keen to learn the real thing that has been tried-and-tested through its 5000 year history. It is the first in a series on Feng Shui, directly from Grandmaster Yap's family.

The knowledge from this source is derived from the special insight and experience of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. His wisdom is the culmination of analysis, interpretation and application from select Grandmasters in their field through the millennia, distilled through his 50 years of practical experience.

This Elementary Course is structured to provide the groundwork for all subsequent learning. It presents the fundamental principles, knowledge of the major systems, and the vital secrets of effective application that have been proven to work.

It begins with understanding the ancient Classics, followed by principles on Forms, Eight Mansions and an introduction to timing influences. It concludes with highlights of practical application.

This Course is very intensive and is delivered in an accelerated learning format. On completion, you will possess the knowledge and critical skills to effectively apply Feng Shui to benefit yourself and others.

Interested students may continue to advance their knowledge through three more levels, including Practical Graduate level.

A Certificate will be awarded by the YCH Academy on completion.

YCH Academy Courses teach the most comprehensive aspects of Feng Shui. It is unique in its ability to pool together the often complex theories, formulae and apparent contradictions from the different schools and derive not only clarity, but also the power behind their effectiveness.
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