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Feng Shui has been an essential part of life for Chinese people for millennia; practised by those with access to its secrets from well-established lineages, for the benefit of those who understand its relevance. If Feng Shui had not produced results for the Chinese people through the ages, it would not likely be around today. It may be implied that for this same reason, as Western societies are more exposed to Feng Shui they too are benefiting from it, that we are now seeing its growing popularity in the West.

But like so many Eastern knowledge that first finds its way to the West, Feng Shui has attracted a plethora of enthusiasts that cannot differentiate the ‘wheat from the chaff'. With good intentions perhaps but accompanied by thoughtlessness, in their hands the essence of this ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time has become modified and perpetuated to one that fails to deliver the desired results.

As there are as yet no worldwide standards or universally recognised accreditation, the onus lies on you, the individual, to assess the right Feng Shui consultant or teacher to suit your need.

To benefit from Feng Shui, it is important to seek knowledge from credible and reputable individuals with an established lineage, whether it is for learning purposes or consultations for the home or business.

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