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  Feng Shui for Enriching Lives is an international consultancy that provides Feng Shui solutions for commercial and residential properties.

Boon, Feng Shui Master and director of Feng Shui for Enriching Lives, teaches Feng Shui in various parts of the Asia Pacific region and consults worldwide.

She has been immersed in Feng Shui all her life, as her father is the well-respected scholar, teacher and practitioner of Feng Shui, Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.

Boon grew up in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and her early calling was to science. To this end, she moved to Australia for her tertiary education where she completed Masters degrees in both science and business (see below) and continued to practice Feng Shui to enhance her own ‘good Earth' luck.

Nowadays, she is being called on more and more to bring the ancient Eastern wisdom of Feng Shui to people in both Eastern and Western countries.

Boon honed her early knowledge of Feng Shui through formal study, where the logical and analytical basis of Feng Shui spoke to her trained scientific mind.

Boon follows her father's holistic approach to the various schools of Feng Shui. Grandmaster Yap was the first to amalgamate all the major systems, eking out the essence of the knowledge from the major philosophies to find the ultimate solution for each situation.

Her scientific career included time as an R&D scientist with the multinational biopharmaceutical corporation, CSL Limited, where she wrote international papers and standards for the blood products industry. Boon was then appointed to a business development role, liaising with government health organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region. Subsequently, she was headhunted to establish and lead business in the Asia Pacific Region for a US-based biomedical company in the pioneering area of stem cell therapy.

Since 1998 she has run her own successful biomedical consultancy, APac BioMed Solutions. In this business, Boon is often contracted in senior management positions to assist multinational biomedical clients introduce high-tech innovative devices to the Asia Pacific Region. Boon is accustomed to bridging many matters between the East and West.

When she's not working, her passion is travel and she has explored—by scuba as well as on foot—some of the world's most exotic corners. She keeps fit through meditation and the practice of Wu Shu, a martial art form she has trained in since childhood. Boon is also an accomplished artist and pianist and these strong artistic elements of her nature enhance her ability to help clients get satisfying, as well as propitious, looks for their homes and businesses.

Boon is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia but spends much of her time in other parts of the Asia Pacific region.


  • Masters of Business Administration (ExMBA corporate sponsorship), Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales. Australia.
  • Masters of Science (Department of Medicine scholarship), University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), La Trobe University, Australia.


Scientific Publications and Articles

In her scientific capacity, Boon has published book chapters and journal articles, plus she has given presentations in more than a dozen major international conferences and numerous medical specialist meetings.

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