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Certificate of Appreciation
Boroondara Women's Health Festival 2001

Dear Master Boon

On behalf of the Property Profile Group I should like to thank you very sincerely for coming along to our breakfast meeting last Thursday to talk about feng shui.

You gave us a great overview of its origins, a very difficult task given the short amount of time available to you and the enormous wealth of material involved. Your emphasis on the history and origins gave tremendous authority to the science as a whole and took it out of the 'women's magazine' category.

Clearly, the members present wanted to learn more and could have gone on talking all morning. You dealt with our questions and preconceptions with just the right degree of sensitivity and humour.

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my own experience with the home we are building and I look forward to catching up again when the plans are adjusted to incorporate the recommendations you made.

Master Boon, once again, thank you so much.

Yours sincerely
Dawn Osborne
Sales and Marketing
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