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The Elementary Practitioner's Course (EPC) is so much more organized and there was a lot more depth to the topics. I also found that the topics covered could enable a fresh novice to pick up Feng Shui easily.

A very crucial point is the value received for the amount paid for this 3-day course. One was then ABLE to audit one's home confidently by using only one school of teaching, San He, 8 Mansion (Ba Zhai). Great eh!

This 3-day course is much more effective than other courses. It is fully comprehensive, providing sound theory and clarifies a lot of apparent contradictions.

The Course provides insight to the development of the Ba Gua, Early Heaven Ba Gua where theories of Feng Shui were derived, and Later Heaven Ba Gua from which applications arise. The understanding of Ba Gua is truly crucial when you come to the higher level of Feng Shui knowledge. Take my word for it as I have gone through it! Then of course, there are lots of real life illustrations of killing forces and forms; eg. raising the head, pushing carts, bury the son, etc. Remember He Tu and Lo Shu; more numbers.

The content of the Course includes the derivation of He Tu, principles of 5 element and the theory and application of 8 Mansion (Ba Zhai). And plenty of case studies.

Well, the best essence of the Course is the 24 mountain Ba Zhai; no other Feng Shui class will ever teach you such in-death and detailed Ba Zhai knowledge at an elementary level. Do you know that East groups Gua has 14 directions from the 24 mountains to choose from. Too bad the West groups Gua has only 10 directions. Eg. Kun Gua has Sheng Qi at NE2 and S1; Tien Yi in W2, SE3, NE1, S3. Wow.. are you confused? Find them out in the coming course.

Happy news for the apartment dwellers, there are options/alternatives for the doors now. Bear in mind that Ba Zhai formulae have been used by GM Yap and tested by him in thousands & thousands of cases for so many years; they always work. Quoted by GM Yap, "one can even change another's fortune (eg. a beggar's) by just changing the head of the person's sleeping position; but one can't do that using San Yuan (Flying Star) formulae."

Next come the Ba Zhai counters; in the event that the household has been hurt by a bad mansion, activating the correct mansion can be used to counter the negative effects. Then the Ba Zhai Timing relates to when the various mansion are at the strongest or weakest. Eg. How to go about renovating your Jue Ming mansion/sector; choosing the weakest year, month, day of that bad mansion to do; at the same time counter the negative effect with the Ba Zhai Counter formulae. I find that the applications of above formulae are highly useful and practical.

The knowledge of annual Tai Sui, Sui Po, 3 Killing, 5 Yellow & Master Killing days are touched on. Then basic water placement will be discussed too.

I hope with these personal views of mine about the Elementary Practitioner's Course , it will make you feel more enthused to further your wonderful journey of Feng Shui knowledge.

Dr. Andrea S. F. Yong B.D.S. (QLD. AUST)
Dental Surgeon, Petaling Jaya , Malaysia

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