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You lucky guys!
Finally Master Boon is able to teach in KL again ….

I was like you a couple of months ago; deciding if I should pursue my knowledge in this wonderful journey of Feng Shui.

I started off with Master Boon in her Module 1 (M1) class in KL in Sept 2002, where we learnt the core of 8 Mansions and Flying Star. Not long after that, I felt the need to delve deeper into both these Systems.

So whenever I met up with her up in the subsequent months and years; my regular first greeting to her was always the same “when is your next class?” She always answered with one word “soon”. I supposed it was her hectic commitment to her work that kept her away from conducting further Feng Shui teachings in KL.

Being a regular presenter in her own profession, her M1 teaching was well delivered. Besides her speech being very clear and sharp; her instant and precise answers to the questions posted in class were definite signs of the vast Feng Shui knowledge she possesses throughout her life long learning with her dad Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai (GMY).

Boon's presentations always came with plenty of illustrations and real life examples. Coupled with simple, easy explanations in her case studies. If she ever has a second thought of your unique queries, her immediate recourse is of course her dad GMY. And you can be assured that your queries will be attended to. You are very lucky that finally she is able to free herself from her precious time to teach in this part of the world. Besides, there has been numerous requests for her to teach the Yap Cheng Hai Academy's Practitioners' Courses.

Immediately after the YCH Academy opened in May 2004, I did the Elementary Practitioner's Course (EPC) the very next weekend. (That made me one of the pioneer students of the Academy.) EPC was nothing like what we did in M1. It was so well-organized and interesting that in the following weekend, I was sitting in the Intermediate Practitioner's Course (IPC)!... By the way I finished the Advanced Practitioner's Course recently in Nov 04. I shall keep you posted about the EPC and IPC soon.

Dr. Andrea S. F. Yong B.D.S. (QLD. AUST)
Dental Surgeon, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Highly recommended for novices in Feng Shui. Important in the understanding of the origins of Feng Shui and its applicability according to 8 mansions and Flying Stars. Clearly presented with real life examples.

YHO, Senior Manager
Public Listed Company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Highly recommended. It explained a lot. Many things have actually become much more clearer as a result of doing the Course. I highly recommend it to beginners and those who have some Feng Shui knowledge. Boon has a vast amount of knowledge that was passed onto her students in an interesting, light-hearted, informative and entertaining way.

Donny Iera, Administrator
Melbourne, Australia
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