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The Meaning of Feng Shui - What It is
Feng Shui is an academic and practical Discipline, that involves understanding the complex forces of nature (Qi), identify where these forces reside and the capability to optimise the positive influences of these forces on our everyday lives.

Feng Shui is:

  • A Science based on the understanding of the complex forces of nature ( Qi) and its effect on our lives. It is knowledge gained through careful empirical observations, which has been subsequently formulated into theory that has passed the test of time.
  • The sophisticated Art of strategic alignment and positioning of our living and workspace, and/or the use of features, according to the influence of Qi.

When Classical Feng Shui is applied accordingly, it works and affects us whether we believe in it or not, whether we are aware of it or not.

A science :
Systematic and formulated knowledge

An art : Human skill; the skilful execution / application, imitative or imagination as applied to.

Qi : The vital breath or energy animating the cosmos and the pervasive ‘force’ of the universe, as represented in part by the electromagnetic spectrum and imperceptibly, gravitational force. The notion of Qi bears striking resemblance to the concept of quantum field theory in subatomic particle physics.
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