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The Meaning of Feng Shui


“The traditional Chinese Science and Art of living in harmony with the environment”

Feng Shui is both the study {the science} of assessing the effects of the environment on our lives, and the practice {the art} of harmonising these effects.

In its broadest sense, Feng Shui refers to the knowledgeable practice of capturing and harnessing the energy ‘Qi’ of the environmental.

“Dispersed by the Wind… and Garnered by the Boundaries of Water”

“Feng” literally means “Wind”, and denotes the direction from which Qi approach and dissipate.

“Shui” literally means “Water”, which depicts the location where Qi gathers.

This ancient Chinese prose reveals how to identify the source of Qi - which arrives and departs with the Wind, and how to collect and store Qi – by channelling the ‘waters’. Waters can be represented by real water, or false water as represented by roadways or pathways.

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