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Selecting a Consultant or Teacher
Mastery over Feng Shui is a 3-step process:

1. Acquisition: Gaining access to the true source of knowledge.

In Master Boon's experience, the best Feng Shui solution can only be gained through the combined knowledge and application of the various schools and methodologies from the Classical Systems. A favourable solution derived from using one System can often turn out to be unfavourable when checked against another System. By knowing how the different Schools and Systems work and the priority the energies enfold, can this comprehensive approach attain the best possible solution for the client.

The best practitioners are those who have undergone formal training and traineeships, who can relate the history and beginnings of the establishment or lineage to which they belong. Preferably, they should possess knowledge from the different Classical systems.

Kindergartens do not graduate doctors, only Medical Schools graduate doctors. And not all Medical Schools are the same standard or reputation. So not all Medical Schools graduate good doctors.
2. Synthesis: The ability to understand and internalise this knowledge and finally make sense of the whole.

Make calculated judgements on the ability of the practitioner to have learnt and assimilated this complex discipline, and more importantly whether they can combine it into a new whole.

Investigate the background of the practitioner. Usually what they have done or achieved in the past will reveal their ability to learn and perform. Also by reading the material they write, one can gain an insight to their level of thinking.

Poor students do not make good doctors, nor do all good students make good doctors.
3. Delivery: Apply this knowledge to each and every situation, for they are all unique.

The ability to apply one’s knowledge is tantamount to being recognised as a skilful practitioner in any discipline. Possessing theory alone will not build a bridge. Experience comes after years of exposure to the discipline, training and practice. Successful practical application in Feng Shui is an art that requires skilful delivery of a learned science.

Not all medical students make good doctors and not all doctors are good doctors.
Finally, you should try to learn as much about Feng Shui yourself.

Because knowing the principles of Feng Shui will allow you to ask appropriate questions to evaluate your preferred choice of Consultant or Teacher.

If you are confident your Consultant or Teacher satisfies all the above criteria, you have assured your ‘Earth Luck’. Your overall fortune is now in your hands and your destiny.

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