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Different Schools of Feng Shui - San He
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San He ( 三合 )

San He is believed to be the oldest School, encompassing many of the ancient Feng Shui Classics depicting landscapes, prior to the advent of the compass. Early San He classics were essentially the Xing Fa method. It is useful in environs where relationship of the mountains, valleys and waterways predominate. Energy that flows over mountains are depicted as dragons and the path that the energy flows as dragon veins.

Later with the advent of the compass, successive great Fang Shi masters deduced many systems and heuristics depicting the locations of landforms in accordance with compass directions. Thereby Xing Fa and Li Qi became inseparable methodologies applied in San He first, and then, all subsequent Schools of Classical Feng Shui.

Characteristic of the San He School are the three energy plates depicted by Heaven, Human and Earth that assist with defining Killing Forces due to waterways. Others concern positions of mountains and waterways in relation to yang buildings or yin tombs. All systems within the school also require either the sitting location or the facing direction of the premise as the point of reference.

Timing is also an important aspect of this School, and its application stems from the ‘three combinations’ of the terrestrial branches. It is a misconception that San He systems do not involve timing.

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